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eco-friendly e-cards

a perfect gift for every occasion!
for every ecard purchased, a tree is planted.

A word from our customers

smiling woman
Jill S. IT Pro

"I love sending cards, and now I can feel good about it knowing that I'm also helping the environment with every purchase. OneTreeCard's commitment to planting a tree for every card is a game-changer!"​

Man smiling
Nathan P. Screenwriter

"I sent everyone on my team a onetreecard and they loved it!"

young woman
Gillian M. Law Clerk

"The 3D ecocards from OneTreeCard are simply beautiful. They're unique, eye-catching, and always leave a lasting impression. And the fact that they plant a tree for every purchase is just the icing on the cake!"

Judith T. Retired

"Sending cards to everyone I know helps me to know that I am leaving a legacy behind for the future of the planet."